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Dermatology Services in Houston / Pasadena, Tx

The main two reasons anyone goes to a dermatologist are really simple - to solve a problem or to look better. Often they are one and the same.

Concerns can range from a bothersome red rash to a more serious medical problem such as skin cancer or psoriasis to the Baby-Boomer's lament, "I look so much older than I feel!" and "I'm tired of everyone asking me if I'm getting enough rest."

Click here for more information on the dematology services that we provide at our Pasadena Dematology Office.

Houston / Pasadena Dermatologist, Dr. Robert Tausend

"It's my hope that the many years of training and experience I've had will help you derive precisely the results you are looking for. My staff and I deeply appreciate and value the trust and confidence of our patients and look forward to working with you."
                                                                                              - Robert Tausend M.D.

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For information regarding our dermatology services or to set an appointment, please give us a call at (713) 946-2666.

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